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Who I Am

Strategist. Influencer. Writer.
Analyst. Trail Blazer. Creator

Olufemi Modupe Awoyemi is the Founder and Chairman of Proshare Limited - Nigeria's foremost Financial Information Hub also owners of WebTV and Debtors Africa. He is among other things an astute leader, evidence -based Researcher, forward-thinking and disruptive Strategist.

To empower, inspire and AMPLIFY the limitless gene in a unique set of committed, passionate and driven group of people through the use of intentional content and strategic thinking tools that lead to the making of limitless and transformational people and business.

To be the preferred professional delivering thought-led solutions on economy, policy, financial and governance-related matters; promoting adaptable global standards and practices to scale productivity that are not only relevant for now but the future.

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Governance . Policy . Impact Assessment . Strategy . Innovative Solutions

Conversation Engagement with Olufemi Awoyemi

A plethora of discourse centered around topical issues around finance, economy, governance, leadership, strategy, Information technology, capital market, corporate governance and business.

The Olufemi Awoyemi Podcast

Monologues, conversations and expert interview sessions on subject matters

Inside the boardroom with Olufemi Awoyemi

A bird’s eye view on the inner workings of a board – focusing on ethics, governance rules, board charters, code of conduct, leadership succession, board culture and selection, amongst others.

Olufemi Awoyemi’s Limitless Circle

Clarity. Execution. Success. Sustainability.

The Olufemi Awoyemi Limitless Circle is a paid-for community where aspiring and established leaders can come together to learn, connect and access resource like never before.

The community provides real conversations, ruthless execution that leads to sustainable solutions.

Be ready to be MORE, by thinking limitless.....